Vetel’s Enduro HD outperforms all digital radiography systems in the Tier I / Premium DR panel category. With the industry’s highest specifications for both spatial and contrast resolution you can be confident in having the finest image quality in the world. Combined with the Metron Intellect module you get the best there is when it comes to radiographic clarity, diagnostic precision and efficient workflow.

Available with either a 10" x 12" or 14" x 17" panel – Basic configuration includes Vizion™ software.  Purchase with either a 1, 3 or 5-year GOLD Warranty


Enduro Ruggedized: In a class by itself.  Only Vetel offers the world's only completely ruggedized digital radiography system with the industry’s only panel warrantied to withstand a drop as high as one meter.  With a battery life of up to 10 hours, this system is built to keep up with the busy veterinarian on the go. System available with either a 10″x12″ panel or 14″x17″ panel.

Either Panel size comes with basic configuration including Vizion™ software.  Purchase with either a 1- or 3-year GOLD warranty or a 5-year PLATINUM warrant

Join the over 3,000 Metron users worldwide in experiencing what a rugged and intelligent DR system can do for you!

Vetel has been here for all of your imaging needs for over 20 years. 
Trust Vetel, your longtime imaging partner.

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Basic System Features

1-year warranty

One year of Software and Hardware Support Coverage

Vizion™ Software 

Easy to use image acquisition and display software with Lumina III™ processing from Metron.

Getac Rugged Computer 

Rugged touchscreen laptop comes with i5 processors and 8 GB RAM

Save up to 65% by adding a Super Value Bundle!


•Includes upgrade to 3-year GOLD warranty
•Upgrade to i7 processor in the PC
•Upgrade to Metron 8 Software
•Includes accessories: Handle, scatter shield, soft case
•10% coupon good towards the purchase of select imaging and other products on the same order


•Includes upgrade to 5-year PLATINUM warranty
•Upgrade to Toughbook® with i7 processor in the PC
•Upgrade to Metron 8 + Intellect Software
•Includes accessories: Handle, scatter shield, soft case, Hoof Tunnel and Hoof blocks
15% coupon good towards the purchase of select imaging and other products on the same order

Not in the 2020 budget?      Doesn't have to be.

First Year Free Financing

No Payments for 12 months – use the equipment for a year, bank the income and take your current year’s tax benefit before you make your first payment!

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NeedleView™ - Micro-Invasive Arthroscopy Suite - Includes the NeedleVision Camera, Tablets PC and software

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Special bundle pricing on the ECO 6 VET, SonoBook 6 Vet or SonoBook 8 VET with 3 probes.

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$2000 off  select new portable x-ray generators.

What our customer say ?

Functionality of the 2430EZ is wonderful! Allows each of our Doctors to set their own personal preferences – which makes everyone happy.

I have been extremely happy with Tech Support. Integrity is an important consideration for us when choosing our partners in
business. We have complete trust in the Vetel organization.

Dr. Paul McClellan

San Dieguito Equine Group, San Marcos, CA

    Phenomenal system. I can pick up microfractures that we knew were there using the old Eklin system but couldn’t find them. It’s so versatile the client and I are reading the films together and it’s amazing the satisfaction the client has.

Dr. Jeffrey Edelson

Edelson Equine Associates, Manheim, PA

Don't love it?  Send it back!

Purchase any premium digital radiography system and use it for up to 7 days with a money back guarantee.

Some restrictions apply;
  • Take up to 50 radiographs
  • Return in original packing materials and in new cosmetic condition.
  • Any damage to the DR system negates the refund offer
  • Customer pays shipping.

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